Michael Green writes. He has authored and edited hundreds of classified intelligence reports and assessments in his previous incarnation as an intelligence officer for the US Government. In his free time, Mike writes "pseudo-fiction" under the Nom-de-plume Mitchell Green and children's books as Mike Green.

Green writes for various and conflicting reasons. Primarily, he writes because he must. He doesn't come from a lineage of writers though artistic creativity is prevalent in his gene pool. Writing, for Green, is a stabilizer---a balancer of rationale, emotion and equilibrium. It provides him the opportunity to analyze, dissect, and come to terms with his own thoughts and feelings, while both fueling and appeasing his cerebral energy.

Green didn't choose Writing as an interest; writing chose Green and has become his catharsis. His greatest satisfaction comes from writing the stories of his life and poetry that effectively liberates him from the shackles of hyper-contemplation. Green writes because he must. It is who he is and what he is driven to do, regardless of the success or attention that is garnered by doing it.

Green has written a trilogy of books (see Ramblings) that he characterizes as "fictional accounts of factual events." He has written a number of poetry books for both children and adults (see Poetry) and has been published professionally as well as in articles that convey his interest and passion in political and military science (see Publications).

All of Green's books and poems are ready for publication. Literary Agents, Publishers, and Production Companies are encouraged to contact him directly. Use the contact link or mail direct to mykgreen@gmail.com


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